Congratulations to the Clarence Castle manager posting at Hostelworld!

You have single-handedly convinced me not to stay at your establishment for my 5 night stay in Toronto. I’m off to one of your rival hostels for 3 nights followed by 2 nights at the Holiday Inn on Bloor. Many people wrote mostly favourable comments, with the odd misgiving – inadequate lockers, lack of organized activities, bed bugs, etc. And almost without fail, responses from the hostel owners amounted to a sarcastic comeback – if you wanted x, why didn’t you ask? we don’t shove information down people’s throats; no social activity? Says more about the hostel guests than us! unclean bathrooms? Please, we’re the cleanest hostel in Toronto; bed bugs? You brought them with you! Admin staff really ought to take more care when posting an Owner’s Comment in reply to a guest’s comment. Write the response – but save it, don’t post it. Wait 24 hours, read what you’ve written, read the original post, then think about whether your response will actually encourage interest in your hostel.

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